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Cigarette holder


selfie stick hemp holder

  • Extends to 32 inches long – great for hard to reach spots
  • Made of stainless steel – can last years with proper care
  • Comes complete with pocket clip and extends down to a pocket size!
  • Alligator clip holds on and stays on for any project
  • Can also be great for any place you are likely to drop small things- office, workshop, sewing room
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eCig Chargers


Electronic cigarettes and chargers go together like a divine partnership; they were simply made for each other. Like all of our products, don’t expect generic, ill-powered, or bad-performing chargers, and remember that everything was designed for excellent functioning so running out of power when you want to get your vape on won’t be happening.

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Glass Kingsize 100% Cellulose transparent Natural Papers

3,000.00 2,900.00

Glass Papers are made from natural vegetable cellulose and have no need for glue as they stick to themselves. They burn very smoothly and leave little ash, are odourless, tasteless and 100% biodegradable. Most importantly they will not affect the taste or burn of your tobacco. The Clear Choice.

minimum of 3 per order