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Shisha coal

Here comes the all new  Natural Hookah Coals come Coco Mazaya Natrual Hookah Coals. These are the same as the CUBE Coco Nara coals but with their own name!
These 100% natural hookah charcoals are made from compressed coconut shell (no tress were cut down to make them) and burns up to 3 times longer than any other natural coal. Eco-friendly, odorless and tasteless, Coco Mazaya coals are easily lit on a stove top (or a single coil burner) and are perfect for the hookah and shisha enthusiast.
This product contains 1 box containing 96 (CUBE) for the big size and contains 24 cubes for the small size. your order amount bening paid will tell how much coals you will be getting
each pieces and will last roughly about 30-40 shisha bowls.