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The award-winning honeypuff incredibowl i420 uses revolutionary engineering to provide smoother, cooler, easier hits while our patented filtration system practically eliminates the inhalation of harmful tars and resins. Add to that the honeypuff Incredibowl i420’s virtually indestructible design, simple cleaning, and lifetime warranty, and it’s easy to see why its one of the highest rated products in any smoke shop. The honeypuff Incredibowl i420 won 2nd Place for Best Product at the 2009 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

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Rasta Metal Smoking Pipe

  • This metal chamber pipe has been decorated with strips and ovals of shiny reflective parts which catch the light and twinkle and glint like stars in an only slightly muddy pond.
  • The windproof lid of this pipe allows you to enjoy a smoke of your favourite herbs or flavored tobaccos even in blustery conditions.
  • All the parts from the mouthpiece, shaft, bowl and lid are standard-sized and removable so it is easy to clean and find spare parts or add-ons for.
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Raw Pipe and Pouch

25,000.00 18,000.00

The Raw Pipe is a great way to fly your “Raw flag”. It’s distinguished yet functional with its wood finish and classic style. The RAW brand name has been embossed into the side and the shape of the pipe itself makes it comfortable to hold. A must for any Raw collector.